Over one hundred years ago, Maria Montessori gave birth to a novel pedagogical methodology that motivates students to become lifelong learners while challenging them to reach their highest potential through a child-centered, exploratory, holistic approach. At Baishan Montessori Teacher Education Institute (BMTEI), it is our firm belief that the child who is en route to self-actualization has the capacity to be a positive change agent for the world—one with the intellectual capacity to think critically about the challenges facing society and the compassion to create innovative solutions to improve the lives of the human family.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to our first cohort of students at Baishan Montessori Teacher Education Institute. The opening of our training center is the fulfillment of a vision many years in the making. We feel honored and privileged to be able to continue the legacy of Maria Montessori and take our place as leaders of Montessori teacher education in Shandong Province, China.

By training a new generation of Montessori teachers, our graduates, who will come from all over the world, will be able to take their newfound knowledge, skills, and depth of understanding of Montessori philosophy and ignite the flame of learning that will allow children across the globe to become agents of peace and internationally-minded leaders who will transform themselves, “penetrate life’s secrets, and win its rewards, not only for themselves, but for all” (Montessori).

Let the journey begin…

~Dr. Chris Vicari

BMTEI Executive Director